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What Women Want Men to Know About Online Dating

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Online dating isn’t more fun for one gender over the other, but each side makes good points about what is frustrating for them.

In this post, we give the perspectives and experiences that many women have in online dating and what women want men to know about online dating.

If you’re interested, please send us women a message. Women don’t know what to do with winks and likes and favorites or whatever the daring site calls your flirt. Which means sometimes we do nothing, sometimes we wink back but rarely do we message you after that.

If we do wink or message back, it means we are interested and you should continue the conversation!

Please don’t just say to us “hey” or “how are you?” “how’s your weekend” Anything to show any kind of effort about getting to know us is sooo appreciated. Anytime you ask a question that’s more than a one-word answer is money.

Don’t make us do the conversational heavy lifting. By this we mean, you have to ask questions and not just answer questions. Or sometimes you guys just make comments and women don’t know how to respond to that in a way that keeps the conversation moving.

Have more than one picture of yourself. Get a few decent ones. A lot of you guys have terrible pictures. Blurry, far away or with hats and sunglasses are the worst. You can keep it simple but please at least show us a clear image of the basics!

Don’t contact us when you live super far away or far out of our age range and expect a response.

Don’t be mean if you’re not what we are looking for. A lot of us have spelled out in our profile the kind of guy we want. Sometimes you can deviate from this idea a little bit but if you deviate a lot from what we describe it’s a waste of your time but even if you decide to write us and we don’t respond how you like, you shouldn’t be rude about it.

Please don’t be creepy or vulgar or sexual. Ever. If we want that from you, we know you’re available for us to find.

Are there any more fatal flaws guys do online? What else do women want men to know about online dating? Let us know in the comments.

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