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Small Town Dates in Big City Los Angeles

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Ah, Los Angeles, known for being a melting pot of all things fabulous and famous. When the world talks about Los Angeles topics generally cover celebrities, fashion, movies, shopping, beaches, sunshine and the beautiful people.

For those of us in greater Los Angeles who hail from somewhere else, we can often miss a lot of what the small towns in our rear view mirror have to offer: the feeling of community, nature, open space, simple fun, salt of the earth people, and cocktails that don’t cost $17.

Singles can use the best dating sites like eHarmony help to bridge the gap to meet the quality, like-minded people, but it’s not just about who we date– how we date is just as important. It’s hard to hide the fact that you are still dating in the land of the Kardashians. Or is it?

The one thing I’ve learned about my 13 years in LA county via west Texas is that LA still has everything to offer to anyone, even the stuff you thought you could only find in small town America. If you’ve found yourself with a date from a Los Angeles dating site, here are some of the best ways to have small town date even in big city Los Angles:

  • For Your “World Famous…” Fix

Every small town is “world famous” for something. LA is world famous for a lot of things but Philippe’s is the best throwback date spot to remind you of that old diner in your town. The claim to fame here is the invention of the French Dip Sandwich but the novelty is how unchanged this restaurant is inside from its 1951 location. It will teleport you back in time and give you tons of conversational fodder. You and your date can forget about feeling LA cool here. Order at the counter from one of the 10 lines and don’t pass up the ¢.45 coffee, because you’ll never see it so cheap in la la land.

  • For a Movie under the Moonlight

There is something very innocent and Grease like about the drive-in, but when was the last time you saw one in sardined LA? Well there is, wedged right into downtown at ElectricDusk Drive In. Grab your date, a blanket and your Chevy and enjoy this bygone date. Check the website for a list of what is playing and get their early enough to get a good spot.

  • For Some Fresh Air, Food and Fun

This is a great date if you’re looking for some place remote feeling, but with a lot of fun and charm. The Malibu Café offers the fresh outdoor beauty you’ve missed amidst the smog and traffic, along with a chance to challenge your date to some 8 Ball on their outdoor pool tables after you’ve dined on one of their charming wooden picnic tables. Guys, this will be a hit with any lady.

  • For a Country Good Time

Want to feel like personal Kryptonite in LA? Mention that you like country music. If you are feeling the need to get down like you’re at a hoedown, you and your date will be among friends at Cowboy Country in Long Beach (and yes, Snoop Lion’s Long Beach is part of LA county!). You’ll get live country music, 2 dance floors with line dancing a plenty, a mechanical bull ride, pool tables, and cheap drinks underneath neon lights shaped like Texas. Even if you just want to people watch you’ll have a great time. Giddy-up!

  • For a Night Under the Stars

Remember stars? The ones in the sky? They seem to dim under the Los Angeles sky. Take your date to a picnic and presentation from the world famous Griffith Observatory for one of their “Sunset Walk and Talks,” “’Public Star Parties,” and many other activities. This date won’t make you totally forget you’re in LA, but it will remind you just how little LA is in the grand scheme while also allowing you to impress your date with your knowledge from freshman year astronomy. Win/Win.

  • For the Experience of the Farm Without the Fertilizer

The South Pasadena Farmers Market has all the elements of a picturesque small town date. It’s simple; walk around and sample fresh delicious food from personable vendors. Enjoy the quaint beauty that is South Pasadena, truly one of the prettiest LA County towns but not so big you feel like you’re being swallowed. And breathe in the charm from the live music playing on the grass. You and your date will feel like you’re in a Hallmark movie.

On any Los Angeles dating sites it’s pretty common to find out someone is a transplant from some other part of America that migrated into LA. Take them on a date and show them all the things they don’t have to miss from their hometown!

What other dates in LA remind you of your home?

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