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5 Ways for Men to Maximize Online Dating in 2017

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I’m sure many of you are making resolutions about your personal life for 2017.

Here are some quick online dating tips for men that will help you beat dating fatigue and find a great woman.

  1. Know what you want. Do you want a relationship? If so, do you know the right kind of person for you? Do a little self-reflection on characteristics that the right kind of girl for you has or doesn’t have. Make a point to seek out women who fit what you’re looking for and not waste your time on ones that don’t.

If you don’t know what kind of girl you are looking for, maybe your goal should be getting to know new people and dating casually to start figuring it out. Being in a relationship is great. Being in a relationship with the wrong person is worse than being single.

  1. Choose the right site or app Most apps are limited in information on matches. If you are looking to just casually date, that’s a good thing for you. If you’re looking for something more serious, consider a dating site where you have loads more information and can sort through women instead of swiping.

Also, while they are stupidly simple to use, dating apps tend to have more male users than female. Dating Sites tend to have more women than men. Keep this in mind when choosing where to spend your time.

  1. Speaking of your time, be strategic with your time. Sure, online dating was probably pretty exciting for you at one point. Then you realized it was work. As such, create a method to your online dating. Give your self a set amount of time every day to do it. Just like the gym. Stick to that amount of time and don’t go overboard but DO be consistent. (PS 30 minutes is perfect.)
  2. Be strategic in how you search. Don’t just fall for a pretty face. Does she live reasonably close? Is she actually active online? Hint: If it says she’s been gone more than 3 weeks, don’t bother. Does she fit what you’re looking for in terms of a partner? Then message away! Don’t waste your time on matches that won’t go anywhere. That’s how you become frustrated.
  3. Look for commonalities. The more you have in common with a girl, the more likely she will respond to your messages. Use keywords to seek out specific commonalities. Commonalities will also help breed better dates and experiences, which in turn, make for more relationship opportunities.

Other helpful hints:

*Get pro photos. Did you know, professional photos for men have been known to increase your chances of getting a response by 92%?! Not sure how to go about getting new photos? My photo shoot guide for men can help.


*Continue to have a life outside of online dating. As much as I advocate online dating, putting your self in situations where you can meet people organically is ALWAYS a great idea. Take classes, volunteer, network, etc. Not only can it help expand your social circle, it will help your dating and online dating by making you more dynamic and interesting to talk to.


Still need help or want more online dating tips for men in 2017? Contact me.






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