Expert Online Dating services are deisgned and tested to get you more results from your online dating. I'm available to work with you via phone, Skype, Google hangout, instant messenger, emails and texts to improve your online dating experience.

Initial consultations are free! Contact me for pricing and further information. 

Profile Writing Session

So you're doing online dating and you feel stuck on your written profile.


  • What should you write?

  • How much should you write? 

  • What if you're not a good writer?


This session is an interview and written profile.


During this interview, I'll get to know you and who you're looking to attract. 


This is part science, part creativity and all you. The perfect online dating profile is not a formula. I've developed extensive knowledge on how each sex responds to certain elements in an online dating profile while remaining true to the spirit of who you are.

Online Dating 101
for Newbies

Curious about online dating but not sure how to get started and what you need to know? This consultation will cover everything you need to know about online dating and answer any questions you have particular to you. 


  • Which site should you choose?

  • What kind of pictures should you put?

  • What if you don't have pictures?

  • What should you write or not write about yourself?

  • How will you come across to those who read your profile?

  • "I have an issue," how should you address it?

  • How should you contact others?

  • How do you get to a date?

  • What do you do on a date?


Online Dating Account Management

Save your self from the most time consuming parts of online dating and enjoy meeting people. 


  • ​I'll interview you on a multitude of things in order to write your online dating profile, as well understand you and who you're intersted in meeting.  

  • I create your profile, log in and search for interesting matches on your behalf.

  • You get alerted when a match establishes interest


How much easier is that?


You are included in every step and participate in as much of this process as you choose.


Online Dating 201
for Currrent Online Daters

This is a consultation on your current online dating situation.


During this session we will go over your current profile including: pictures, headlines, written profile, question answering.


We also go over ideal match searching and contact methods.


All recommendations come with explanations on how these lead to more people being attracted to you and wanting to meet you. 


Learn what modifications you can make or do differently with your current online dating so that you can meet more people you want to meet. 


Online Dating Q & A's



This is a free form session.


Bring any questions you have about online dating.

We can discuss anything you want. 


Keep it basic or we can go into the nitty gritty details.