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Dating App “Hinge”: A Less Creepy Version of Tinder?

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If you’re playing the dating app game, you know there are more and more options out there. The juggernaut is still Tinder, but have you tried the dating app Hinge?

Hinge is similar to Tinder in that it shows you one match at a time and you swipe yes or no and mutual yes’ allow you to converse.

Hinge is different in that it’s platform is based on connecting you to people through your friends via your network on Facebook. And it’s not just immediate friends, Hinge goes so far as to connect you with friends of friends of friends. Maybe you could even get connected to Kevin Bacon if he was single.

The Two Best Things About Hinge:

  • Based on “friends of friends”- This model is great because it does feel less random than Tinder. We’d all rather be set up through people we know.
  • More INFO! Hinge provides more information than Tinder. Users on Hinge actually have a little mini-profile. If you’re an information sponge like I am, you feel a lot more satisfaction.

So what info do you get?

Hinge pulls some information from Facebook and also has a spot for users to write their own bio. Here is what information you can see on a complete Hinge profile:

  • A self-description
  • First Name
  • City
  • Age
  • Name of company they work for
  • Hometown
  • Religion
  • Height
  • Schools attended
  • Tags (users choose from a variety of Hinge worded tags)
  • How many friends they have on Hinge
  • If they have a person in common with you, it tells you who that person is.

You still have to swipe through matches.

You are only given a certain amount every day, so if you’re looking for a dating app to play while you spend hours on the toilet, you’ll burn through this one in like 10 minutes.

You still only get notified if you both favorite each other.

Things that I don’t like about Hinge:

They give a little too much information that you shouldn’t want people to know right away. Am I paranoid? Maybe a bit but I always coach and practice online safety habits for good reasons.

  1. Your workplace. I don’t like people knowing the name of the company I work for… that’s direct access to where you are during the day.
  2. Your last name. When you match, Hinge reveals your last name. You’re now fully stalkable.

If either was editable it would be one thing, but it pulls form your Facebook. Facebook lets you control who sees those things but Hinge does not. I think this is pretty negligent on Hinge’s part.

I don’t want people to know my first and last name, where I live and where I work. Seriously Hinge? Not cool. I don’t care if it’s given away to friends of friends of friends. That certainly doesn’t make it trustworthy. I found out the other day I’m 3 degrees separated from Joran Van Der Sloot (not on Hinge but in life) but imagine if he had access to Hinge? No thanks.

Anyway, on the whole, Hinge is a pretty cool dating app and worth trying out if you’re feeling like Tinder is a little too stale and random.

Let me know your thoughts. Any successes from Hinge?

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