Email from a Woman


to an EOD client:

"Hello, after reading your profile I have to say... You look awesome!!! How are you today?"

Unsolicited Testimonials

​Here are a few examples of unsolicited and unedited testimonials from some clients. 
Testimonial: Jump Start Client


"Wow, that's quite a profile. I couldn't be happier."

-K. Marina Del Ray, CA

Testimonial: G-Haul Client


"I was just telling my friends how awesome my profile is! You did a great job! And that girl that emailed me is hot!!! You're the best Gina! I'm really excited! U Rock!"

- A, Long Beach, CA

Testimonial: Spare Parts Client

(written emails and advice based on women he chose)


"Your notes are good. You used wit and humor as an icebreaker. This entire approach is quite different from what I’ve done in the past."

-P, San Francisco, CA