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Online Dating and the Holidays

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Holidays and Online Dating

Like many other industries and cycles, online dating is definitely a seasonal one. If you’ve been trying to online date at a given time, it’s important to know the season may be related to your success or frustration.

Dating around the holidays is inherently difficult for many online daters. November and December makes for generally busier people: holiday parties, functions, events, family obligations, travel plans… all of these are normal and frequent impediments for a dater. As such, online daters are often limited in their response times … and even still, getting together and planning subsequent dates in timely manner is also difficult.

It’s important to remember that every cycle sees both ups and downs.

The bad news is that the holidays in general do seem to foster a feeling of loneliness in many singles. Going to Thanksgiving and not having a significant other, explaining to your Aunt Nancy on Christmas Eve why you’re still single, seeing everyone else with significant others and families enjoying their traditions; all can exacerbate a painful reminder of how alone you are. Holidays can be horrible for those without a plus one. If it’s any solace, you’re not alone in being miserable around the holidays… lots of others feel the exact same way as you do!

So what’s the upswing?

Well some resolutions start getting formed during these painful moments. People make decisions to do something about their single life.

As a result, memberships on dating sites soar between January 1 and February 14. For the online dating industry– this is the busiest season.

So hold tight, you’ll make it through the holidays alive with a bunch of other irritated singles and you’ll see a resurgence of activity and new members on dating sites after the new year! Get ready!

One final note:  Holidays offer ripe opportunities for making conversations online. Use this to your advantage. Ask about favorite holidays, any traditions a dater practices, guilty pleasures and what they look forward to most. 

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